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Auto detailing services are more than a wash and wax and isn’t about how many services you complete. It’s about trained and certified technicians inspecting, cleaning, and protecting every inch of your vehicle. From the headliner to floor and roof to the road, On The Spot’s auto detailing services see it all and get it done when no one else can.

Auto Detailing Services

An in-depth cleaning and protection of the interior and exterior of your vehicle.


Auto Paint Corrections

Scratches and Swirls removed, paint polished to perfection, and delivered to you with a mirror shine.


Auto Coating Services

Long-lasting protection that makes the vehicle easier to maintain and keeps it looking new for years.


What Makes Us Different

  • Our Fully Equipped Mobile Auto Detailing Service Units Bring the Shop to You.

  • We use smarter cleaning methods, advanced cleaning products, and state-of-the-art cleaning technologies.

  • Heroes and Essential Workers Discount for Military, Health Care, Teachers, Fire Fighters, Police, and more

  • Virtual Estimates and contactless bookings available

  • We Do Not Sell Auto Detailing Services. We Offer Solutions.

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Scheduling our mobile detailing services has never been easier with contactless appointments, virtual estimates, and of course, our mobile auto detailing services. Choose the right detail for you and fill out the form below and receive your free estimate. Please Call us directly for pricing.

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Choosing an Auto Detailing Service...

The Showroom Shine

  • My car has never been detailed or

  • My car hasn’t been detailed in over a year or

  • I just bought a used car

The Express Detail

  • My car is regularly detailed

  • I keep my car in the garage

  • My car is not a daily driver

The In And Out

  • I just need a quick once over

  • My car doesn’t need a detail, but I want more than a car wash

  • I have my car serviced at least once a month

Choosing a Paint Corrections Service...

Paint Perfection

  • I want the vehicle to look as new as possible or

  • I just has some panels painted and want the entire car to match in condition or

  • I am preparing the vehicle for a coating

Paint Enhancement

  • I want the paint to shine the best it can but I am not worried about major scratches or

  • The car is older and I don’t expect it to look brand new or

  • I am looking to sell the vehicle privately

3 Step Paint Revitalization

  • My car is waxed every 6 months or

  • My car feels rough but still looks shiny or

  • I'm not concerned with any scratches in the paint

Choosing a Paint Coatings Service...

Opti-Pro +

  • A 7 year coating with a secondary coat of extreme gloss enhancement layer and warranty


  • A 5 year coating with warranty


  • A 3 year coating with high gloss and shine

*All coating are ceramic and applied by authorized installers

Read What Our Customers Have To Say:

I couldn’t be happier with the work done to my Camaro. I got the paint correction and the Opti-Coat Pro+. It looks 10 times better than the day I bought it. Should have taken it to these guys sooner. The customer service was outstanding. I stopped by on a Wednesday to speak with a customer service rep and they had me an appointment the next day! The owner was very helpful in explaining to me every little detail of what was being done to my car at all times. Incredible work. These guys are top notch!

– Kevin Z.

There’s a reason the rating is so high on here. They answered my inquiry last night, and sorted things out by 10pm for an appointment in the morning. They came to my work, and did a killer detail in about 2 hours on a truck that hasn’t seen so much as a wash since late summer. Awesome business, professional and talented employees. I’ll definitely be using them again for my other vehicles and referring wherever I can. A little steeper in cost than average, but worth it for the experience and attention to detail.

– Cory D.

Chris and Tu arrived 15 minutes early and got to work on our Honda Pilot. We had a ridiculous amount of dog hair and drool residue in the car, and they cleaned it all. Once they were done, our car was spotless, and the dog hair and dog smell were completely gone. The Pilot looks and smells new again. We would most definitely use On the Spot Detailing again. It’s such a convenient way to get your vehicle detailed, which was extremely important with a toddler at home.

– Janna D.

It went well. I called ahead to confirm that the coupon I was about to buy would be usable that day… I managed to get ahold of the owner (unexpectedly) and he told me to go ahead and purchase the coupon and come on in. When I arrived, there wasn’t a wait to drop off my keys and the guys got to work instantly. An hour later, my car was given back to me and I was walked through all of the detailing work they did… the car was beautiful, and looked and smelled brand new. I was thrilled.

– Jon R.

These guys did a great job on my husband’s Honda Accord which he has been driving back and forth to work since 2006. It was dirty outside, dusty inside & it smelled stale. Now it is shiny, fresh & pristine. I balked a bit at the price ($195 before tip) because I usually clean my car myself but needed hubby’s done quickly and didn’t have time. I was able to get an immediate appointment and it was done in less than 3 hours. Everyone there was friendly and efficient. I drove right by the car and didn’t recognize it when I went to pick it up. It looked beautiful outside but I am most impressed with the interior cleaning and will be bringing mine in soon because there is no way I can get it that clean on my own. Definitely worth the money for a thorough cleaning!

– Katie K.
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